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Preserving the Active Hip…

New Advances in Hip Rehabilitation for Physiotherapists

EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about the Hip

Over the past decade, new research combined with improved imaging techniques and surgical interventions around the Hip have given the medical community a much better understanding of the biomechanics and pathologies affecting this very important joint. The hip joint is the critical link between the ambulating lower limbs and trunk. Its articular configuration allows almost unlimited directions of movement and it has more muscles attaching around it than any other single joint in the body. This very practical seminar take a VERY MODERN look at the biomechanics and muscle physiology of this amazing joint that will change forever your understanding of how the hip behaves in a manner that makes PERFECT sense.

“This is a Very Powerful Course that not only Compliments Everything you Already Know about the Hip but Explains so Much More about What you Don’t Know”

This highly acclaimed 2-day course explains in great detail the relationship between OA, Labral tears and F.A.I., and how muscle imbalance plays a critical role in all of these conditions. Afternoon “hands-on” workshops showcase recently developed differential diagnoses tests for hip pain and highlight scientifically supported rehabilitation strategies developed by David Lindsay over a 20 year period at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre. Furthermore, the benefits and potential pitfalls of arthroscopic surgery will be discussed. Complimentary myofascial techniques will also be taught (NB course only). The course manual is very comprehensive, fully referenced yet easy to read. For additional course information including academic program and seminar schedule: www.hipphysio.com

 “I found your course to be possibly the most useful course I have ever taken in my many years as a physio – so thanks for that. I continue to use your exercises/techniques on basically a daily basis…”


David Lindsay BHMS BPhty MSc, University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre (PEI & NB courses)

Geoff Cuskelly BHMS BPhty Owner / Director Tower Physiotherapy (NB course only)

Two Atlantic Canada opportunities ONLY

  1. Charlottetown PEI – May 26th & 27th

Registration inquiries: Randy, rgsportphysio@gmail.com

COST $580 Note: this is a shorter course

  1. Oromocto NB – June 23rd & 24th 2018

Registration inquiries: Laura Lee, LauraLee.Mullin@forces.gc.ca

COST $690 Note: this is the full 2-day course & includes myofascial techniques


Academic program inquiries: David Lindsay: dlindsay@ucalgary.ca

General course info: www.hipphysio.com



NEW biomechanical understanding, NEW assessment techniques, NEW treatment approaches & a very up-to-date and extremely practical course manual.


The McKenzie Method of MDT is globally recognized as a leading treatment for spine and extremity disorders.  The MDT approach is a comprehensive biopsychosocial classification system that provides clinicians with the tools necessary to accurately determine the most appropriate and effective course of treatment for their patients, subsequently improving their patient outcomes.  The MDT assessment enables clinicians to triage patients accurately and efficiently.  MDT’s success as a comprehensive way to treat MSK disorders and injuries comes from clinicians being able to reliably classify problems into specific sub-groups, which have distinct and effective treatment approaches.
Register at:   www.mckenzieinstitutecanada.org

PART A – The Lumbar Spine / St. John’s, NL
Course Dates: 25MAY-27MAY, 2018 (Fri-Sun)

Course Fee:  $695.00  Instructor:   Anja Franz, PT, Dip MDT

PART A – The Lumbar Spine / Moncton, NB
Course Dates: 15JUN-17JUN, 2018 (Fri-Sun)

Course Fee:  $695.00  Instructor:   Richard Rosedale, PT, Dip MDT


Advanced Lumbar Spine & Extremities / St. John’s, NL
Course Dates: 06SEP-09SEP, 2018 (Thu-Sun)

Course Fee:  $795.00  Instructor:   Richard Rosedale, PT, Dip MDT

PART D: (APRIL – Register Deadline Approaching Soon)

Advanced Cervical & Thoracic Spine & Extremities / Moncton, NB
Course Dates: 26APR-29APR, 2018 (Thu-Sun)

Course Fee:  $795.00  Instructor:   Colin Davies, PT, Dip MDT

MDT is globally recognized as a leading treatment for spine and extremity disorders.

MDT education is standardized worldwide, and MDT certification is recognized globally.
4 or 5 legitimate patients are assessed and treated on every McKenzie MDT course (patients are selected by the hosting clinic). This is a great opportunity to see the results first-hand.
Thousands of clinicians around the world rely on MDT as their primary method of assessment

Employment Listings

Progressive Physiotherapy is looking for a registered physiotherapist to join our team.

We are a rapidly growing private practice clinic located in Bidgoods North Plaza in the Goulds, NL. We are a full-service physiotherapy clinic and we work closely with neighbouring massage therapist and chiropractors to ensure the best possible results through a multidisciplinary approach.

We offer a well-appointed clinic with private treatment rooms and an exercise gym. Our practice treats a wide variety of injuries and conditions, which presents an excellent opportunity to gain experience and expand your skillset. Experienced therapists and new graduates are highly encouraged to apply as mentoring is available and work hours are flexible. Benefits and education allowance available for the hired applicant.

Requirements: • A University graduate of a recognized accredited school of physiotherapy (MPT, BScPT, MScPT) • Be a member in good standing with the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Physiotherapists.

Interested candidates can call 368-2905, or send your resume to  info@progressivephysio.ca.

Progressive Physiotherapy P.O. Box 239 Main Road Goulds, NL A1S 1G4

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